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Introducing Whimsy Sunglasses!


When you are wearing sunglasses do your kids ever ask for some as well? Well, ours do. Every. Single. Time. This eventually led us to ask: how important are sunglasses for kids? Turns out sunglasses are much more crucial to children's eyes and eye development than we could have imagined. So, we started to look for sunglasses for our three kids. We were looking for more minimalist, chic, and fashionable kids sunglasses (not with a Princess stamped on them!) but could not find many options. Well, one thing led to another and now, here we are! 

Besides sunglasses, we want to share our research regarding child eye protection with you! Follow along on Instagram for quick facts and come here for more in-depth information. I never thought my love for healthcare research (I'm a nurse) would come in use this way but we cannot wait to make you more informed. 

Thanks for stopping by, supporting us, and following along! 

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