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Children's Sunglasses Features

Sunglasses are meant to block UV rays from penetrating our eyes. But, what features are recommended specifically for children sunglasses? Let's be real, children can be hyper, active, playful, and daring. So, we need sunglasses that can withstand every soccer ball to the face, slip-n-slide run, scooter crash, and handspring on the trampoline.
Here are the more desirable features of children's sunglasses as recommended by most eye doctors: 
1. Impact-resistant lenses
Our lenses are all made of polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate lenses, or PC lenses, are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses. They are also lighter than glass or standard plastic for greater comfort. 
2. Large, close-fitting frame
Besides providing the best coverage from UV rays, large and close-fitting frames also block out dust and debris from entering the eyes.
3. "Unbreakable" frame material
Many of our glasses, including almost all of our little kid styles, have flexible frames. This flexibility helps to avoid breakage and potential eye or facial injury from a frame that snaps on impact. These frames can be nearly bent in half and stretched out flat-- a car could even roll over them without breaking. 
4. An elastic band 
We offer a package of an elastic band and ear adjusters to prevent loss or damage to children's sunglasses. The elastic band attaches to each of the frame's earpieces and can keep glasses in place during active sports or on young children who may be getting used to wearing sunglasses. The pair of ear adjusters slide onto each ear piece and can be customized to keep the glasses in place behind the ear.
5. Spring hinges
Our flexible frames, as well as most of our other frames, have spring hinges that extend beyond 90 degrees. This allows the frame to fit snuggle and decreases the risk of the sunglasses falling or getting damaged during play. 
Depending on the age and the activity of the child, take these features into consideration when picking the best pair of sunglasses for your child. We believe that children should be able to do anything while wearing sunglasses as long as you invest in a pair made with them in mind! 

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