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Children's Activities: 2020 Edition

2020 is shaping up to be a crazy year! Like you, our kids are home more than ever. We are loving all of the extra family time and are always on the hunt for new activities and memories! Here are some ideas for fun, safe activities while kids are home during the holidays and beyond:

  • Plan a "beach" day. Dress in swimsuits, sunglasses, etc. and put blankets down on the floor for sand areas and water areas. If your'e adventurous, maybe add some sensory bins with kinetic sand and sand toys or take a trip to the bathtub to swim around. 
  • Take a walk outside! There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Bundle up! Everyone will come back inside in a better mood (and maybe ready for a nap!). 
  • Read a book together everyday. Most libraries are offering online reservations and pickup. You could even choose a new theme each week and read books around that theme. 
  • Write letters and send them in the mail to family and friends you have been missing. 
  • Print out coloring pages online and open up the markers and crayons. 
  • Make a fort or, if you have room, set up your tent inside and sleep in it! Camping inside is always a great alternative to freezing outside or being far away from the bathroom with little kids. 
  • Video chat grandma, grandpa, a cousin, friend, or anyone else you can think of. Nothing replaces some chatting where you can see each other's faces. 
  • Bake! Make cookies, brownies, bread, Rice Krispie treats...anything that the kids can help with. Enjoy them together (and then stash some away for later when mom needs a timeout with a treat!). 
  • Play a board game!
  • Take the time to teach your kids more life skills. They are home-- why not have them help sort or fold laundry, clean the bathrooms, mop the floor, or do the dishes. 
  • Shovel your neighbors driveway after it snows! You don't need to have any contact with them-- surprise them!

Comment below with your favorite covid safe activity you have done with your kids!

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